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Violet Walker, Versatile Virtuoso on the Musical Saw

Violet Walker creates cutting-edge music with a variety of tunes on her musical saw, bringing back the lost folk tradition of making music with a carpenter's saw and cello bow.

Violet Walker with her musical saw

Violet Walker has studied music and learned with numerous instruments (violin, guitar, French horn, and singing), but playing the Musical Saw is her current passion.

It makes perfect sense that Violet would find and master a musical instrument that mimics a singing soprano, a mezzo or even a full rich alto sound. For over twenty five years she made a mark for herself as a children’s entertainer primarily as Pozey the Clown, and has delighted thousands of children, young and old, with her antics. Since clowns tend to do or try to do things that others wouldn’t want to, she decided to make unusual music on a common carpenter’s saw.

By applying her magic touch and a cello bow, Violet creates a unique sound. She plays vintage tunes, jazz and classical pieces, creating beautiful, smooth, some say unearthly music on her Saw. Often unaccompanied, but sometimes with an ensemble, you will hear joyous, brooding, sultry, stirring and familiar music. She says you’ll like it.

Violet has performed across mostly the Northeast and locally at museums and gallery openings, on the streets of Northampton, Greenfield, Shelburne Falls, in churches, hospitals, with orchestras, and a variety of bands and ensembles.

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Making music on the porch

by ANDY CASTILLO, Staff Writer, Greenfield Recorder

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