Musical Saw Performances

Classical Jazz Pop Folk

Violet Walker is a master Musical Saw Player who will provide a delightful, unique, enchanting

musical performance for your event

Wherever you gather, whether stationary or meandering Vi’s concerts and presentations are a delight. She is a warm and personable musician, a former children’s entertainer, a musical saw player and fiddler. She takes time to respond to those listening and are curious about the saw.

By applying her magic touch and a cello bow, she creates a very unique sound, you might say cutting edge music. She plays vintage tunes, jazz and classical pieces creating smooth, sometimes unearthly music on her Saw. Often unaccompanied, but sometimes with an ensemble, you will hear joyous, brooding, sultry, stirring and familiar music. She has performed across the Northeast and locally at theaters, museums and gallery openings; on the streets of Northampton, Greenfield, Shelburne Falls; in churches, hospitals, with orchestras, and a variety of bands and ensembles.

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Violet Walker, Musical Saw Videos

Bach's Air on G String on the saw

Bach's Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D played for a special friend & amazing person, David Kaynor, fiddle player extraordinaire & composer.

Coffee house musical entertainment, Leverett Co-op

SawZaphonic, trio composed of Violet Walker, Gus Hollingsworth and Larry LeBlanc play Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me

Underground sounds of the Musical Saw in a cavern by VioletSaws

The acoustics of the saw played in the Secret Caverns of New York State are amazing.

Violet Walker on Musical Saw at Poetry Reading

Celebrating publication of new book of poetry, Everyday Ecstasy, by Mary Clare Powell

Violet Walker on Musical Saw plays Beethoven Sonata

Violet, on musical saw, has performed this Beethoven piece in concert and even at two funerals.

Violet Walker on Musical Saw plays Liebestraum by Franz Liszt

Four Sundays in February, Academy of Music in Northampton

Violet Walker plays Greensleeves on her Musical Saw

Through wind and rain, outdoor concert in Pennsylvania

Violet with Gus Hollingsworth on accordion play at art installation.

Musical Saw and accordion duet at Salmon Falls Gallery, featuring glass artistry by Josh Simpson, Shelburne Falls, MA

Violet Walker

Greenfield, MA

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